Unlocking The Future Of Youth In Church
on April 15th, 2024
Today, let's embark on a journey of rediscovery within the realm of Next Gen Ministry. I know, I know, you might be thinking, "Wait, what's all this buzz about Next Gen Ministry?" Well, buckle up because we're about to delve into some enlightening insights that might just reshape your perspective on youth engagement in the church.First off, let me introduce myself. I'm Tyler, and yeah, I'm that gu...  Read More
A Journey Towards Authentic Discipleship
on April 9th, 2024
Let's rewind back to March 4th, 2012, a significant date that marked the beginning of an incredible journey. Picture this: an elementary school auditorium filled with eager souls, some sitting on the floor, others on vintage seats from 1977. Yep, that was the humble beginning of our church.Reflecting on those early days, I'm struck by the sheer determination of those who showed up. Parents droppin...  Read More
Discover the Power of the Empty Tomb
on April 2nd, 2024
I recently had a riveting experience in the heart of Jerusalem that I just can't wait to share with you. Imagine wandering through the ancient streets of a city where history, faith, and culture collide.Yes, I'm talking about Jerusalem, a city divided into four quarters, each pulsating with its unique energy. But amidst the divisions and tensions, there's a place that transcends all boundaries – t...  Read More
Understanding Mark 15:1-20 | Biblical Insights on Jesus as the Ultimate Sacrifice
on March 24th, 2024
Today, we're delving into a profound exploration of biblical narratives that resonate deeply with our lives. But before we plunge into the depths of scripture, let me introduce myself—I'm Preston Brown, and It's a privilege to share this journey of faith with you all.Now, let's rewind a bit to a vivid memory from my childhood—a time spent cruising in my dad's old red truck. Ah, the adventures we h...  Read More
Understanding Jesus' Challenge to Religious Norms | Mark 11
on March 19th, 2024
Have you ever settled for something less than what you truly deserve? Maybe it was a job that didn't quite fulfill your passions or a relationship that didn't bring out the best in you.Well, today, let's dive into a passage from Mark 11 where Jesus challenges us not to settle for mere shadows but to embrace the fullness of what He offers.So, picture this: it's my twin daughters' fourth birthday, a...  Read More
Unlocking the Paradoxical Kingdom: Understanding Jesus' Contrasting Perspective | Insight on Mark 10
on March 11th, 2024
Are you ready to dive into the depths of paradoxes? Paradoxes are like little mysteries wrapped in contradictions yet holding profound truths within. From Shakespeare's enigmatic lines to George Orwell's political allegories, we've encountered paradoxes that challenge our understanding and perception. But have you ever pondered the paradoxes within the teachings of Jesus?Let's embark on a journey ...  Read More