At Generation Church, we believe in calling people to more. Generation Interns are called to more throughout the course of their internship and are asked to commit to a Sunday - Thursday work week (subject to change based on Big Days or other events that staff may need their help with). We also believe in transparency here at Generation Church. We ask a lot of our interns. We intend to invest heavily in them as disciples, leaders, and people, and our heart is to give them as many opportunities as we can to learn and grow. In return, we ask for their availability, flexibility, and commitment to teachability.

If this schedule may not be a commitment you can make, you may not be in a season of life where the Generation Internship is your best next step. That being said, we also know that life happens, and great candidates sometimes have other commitments. If availability is the only thing standing in the way of the internship being your next step, please reach out to to talk more about it.


Who is the internship for?
A Generation Intern is a saved, baptized, fruit-producing disciple from inside or outside our church who shows exceptional leadership potential and has the desire & availability to take on more. These people are usually between 18 & 25 years old, but do not necessarily have to be “young adults."

A Generation Intern is:
● Available.
● Committed.
● A go-getter.
● Someone who is already a good leader, but is hungry to be better.
● A fast learner.
● Self-driven.
● Not afraid to ask questions or challenge assumptions.
● Comfortable with being uncomfortable.

What will I get out of the internship?
We are so glad you asked! The Generation Internship is designed to develop interns specifically in these five areas: ministry experience, leadership (both of yourself and a team), emotional maturity, spiritual formation, and theological foundations. Interns are also asked to complete reading, watch videos, and turn in assignments throughout the course of their internship as part of Leadership 101, an independent study component of the internship that equips interns to develop together in an environment where they will have the opportunity to put into practice everything they learn.

Expected Outcomes

  • Ministry Experience
  • Leadership 
  • Emotional Maturity
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Theological Foundations

Ready to become an intern?

To find out more about the commitment we ask of Generation Interns, please check out the Internship Agreement: