At Generation Church, we have several core principles that drive every decision we make. 
These principles are not just phrases we remember, or values we strive for; it's literally how we roll.

  • We Place Jesus at the Center - It’s about: Priorities. We make decisions through a Christ centered lens. Behaviors, attitudes and planning should look like Jesus.
  • We Are God’s Greatest Resource - It’s about: Leading the way in generosity and giving. God uses people to accomplish His will and build His kingdom through stewarding time, money, and gifts.
  • We Will Fight for Families - It’s about: Resurrecting Family Trees. We will fight to build and empower each member of the family unit.
  • We Will Lean In - It’s about: Owning Personal Growth. We value taking notes, engaging during worship and during the sermon or any other teaching.
  • We Refuse to Hide Behind Fig Leaves - It’s About: Authentic Community. Honest, Open, and Transparent Relationships. Believe the best; FIRST. Address the Mess FAST. Grow smaller while we grow larger—small groups.
  • We Will Leave a Legacy - It’s About: Intentional and Dynamic Kids and Student Ministries. The wave of the future starts with investing in the students now.
  • We Will Have Audacious Faith - It’s About: Believing for the Impossible. We believe big but start small.  Big faith starts with small acts of obedience.
  • We Value Multiplication - It’s About: Cultivating Growth. We will empower others to do ministry. Jesus’ call was to make disciples, not just doers. We are committed to seeing God work IN and THROUGH others, not just ourselves.