This is the kingdom

What IS the Kingdom of Heaven? Is it different than the Kingdom of God? If Jesus came announcing this new Kingdom, it must be a priority of His followers as well. And if this Kingdom has come…how does it look to live in the Kingdom?

As an extension of this same Kingdom some 2,000 years later, the modern church has drifted from the same ‘ethos’, culture, or way of life that once transformed entire cities and even nations. The church’s way of worship, community, generosity, and infiltrating culture is in stark contrast to the way of the world. A community called out of darkness and into light. A community called out of self actualization and selfishness and into service and hospitality. A community called out of greed and into generosity. A community called out of superficial relationships and into deep, authentic relationships that centered around reconciliation, love, and spreading the Kingdom message. This is the way of Jesus. This….is the Kingdom.

8:15/10:00/11:45 aM

960 hwy 52 w, portland, TN 37148

welcome home

what about my kids?

GKiDS is the kids ministry of Generation Church. GKiDS is designed for kids birth to fifth grade to experience Jesus on their level. We offer kids ministry in every weekend experience. 


We love to bring energy and excitement to everything we do. When you pull into our parking lot you'll be met by smiling faces and maybe a high five if you roll the windows down! BONUS POINTS if you turn on your hazard lights on your way in to let us know its your first time.

Our friendly Host Team will hold the door for you and are here to help with any questions you might have. Just look for anyone at the orange tent in the lobby. Our experience can be a little loud, but we provide ear plugs on your way in, just in case that's not your thing. 


Whatever you are comfortable in! We aim to create a casual comfortable environment. 

A little about us

Generation Church exists to engage those far from God, connect them to Jesus and the local church, and empower them to make disciples.

We’ve been helping people resurrect their family tree and helping people move to where God wants them to be for over 10 years.

Here’s how to get started:
  • Join us this Sunday in person or online.
  • Connect with us to get helpful resources for your life.
  • Connect with others by joining a group.

Don’t settle for just good enough. We’d love to help you find the purpose and life-giving relationships you were made for.