Week 6 Challenge - Serving with your Gifts

Adults and Teens: We were encouraged this week to know that God has a purpose for each of us. Do you know the gifts God has placed inside of you to use to serve others? Take this Spiritual Gifts Assessment. This will help you understand what gifts God has given you to Love Your Neighbor with.

Maybe it is a gift to serve within our church community. Serving within the church is a great way to Love Your Neighbor. Many people think we have plenty of people serving within the church, but it takes an army to serve the people God has sent to GC. Once you assess your gifts, sign up for a team that will complement your gifts. If you need help with this placement, you can email info@generationchurch.me and we will be happy to help you find your place.
Sign up to serve here

Kids: What do you feel like you are good at? Are you good at talking, reading, helping others? Ask your parents if you can serve with them at GC. Talk to Mr. Preston Brown or Mrs. Kellie Russell about serving within GKiDS. There are opportunities for 4th grade and up to serve in different areas at GC. Let’s Love Our Neighbor by signing up to serve our community either inside of GC or outside GC with our Missions team. Any way you can use your gifts to serve is a WIN!

When you complete a challenge, take a picture and share a story of how you loved your neighbor this week on social media. When you post hashtag it with #LYNchallenge

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