COVID-19 UPDATE 10-28-20


Our goal since reopening the church in June has been to provide the safest possible environment to continue to worship together in-person each week. Due to a number of volunteers, leaders, and staff being tested, or showing symptoms, we can not in good conscience ensure that we will not be putting our guests at risk. With this said, all in- person gatherings of Generation Church will be suspended until further notice. “All gatherings” includes weekend worship experiences, students and kids activities, and small group gatherings.

The church has an action plan and will be working toward gathering again in person as soon as we can ensure an environment with the lowest amount of risk that we are comfortable with. At this time the leadership of the church will be making decisions two weeks at a time.

During this season of interrupted in-person gatherings, you can continue to be an active part in the life of the church. You can:
1 - Pray for the church, communities, and the leadership of the church as we navigate this current season.

2 - 
Take individual responsibility. If you are sick, take into account your effect on other people. If tested, adhere to the quarantine periods. We can all do our part to help mitigate this virus.

3 - 
Continue to be connected to your church community. The church has always been mission and vision focused. Gathering digitally does not impede the church moving forward. You can continue to reach out to your people, engage with online worship experiences, and continue to give so that we can reach our community.

At this time, we will be gathering digitally for the next two weekends, but will be evaluating circumstances as more information becomes available. We look forward to worshipping with you this weekend at 9:00 AM on Facebook, YouTube, and